Your mind matters.
Helping people be calm, confident and courageous, so they can live and feel in line
with who they are and make positive change. 


I'm Emily, the creator of

Matter of Mind.

Having made a lot of changes in my own life I really understand what making change involves. It’s hard, it’s scary but I know it’s definitely worth it. 

If you’re ready to make changes I’m here to support and empower you through that process, helping you get from where you are now to where you want to be. 


By working with me you’ll learn to create a more supportive mindset, be kinder to yourself and get braver about the choices you want to make, so you can start doing what you want and feel good about it. 

I coach all humans: specifically working with media and creative professionals, LGBTQ+ people, women and teenage girls. Helping all to find calm, confidence and courage, to live and feel in line with who they truly are. 

I'm a certified NLP Practitioner and Coach working in Manchester and online so I can connect to anyone in the world. 

I offer different ways of working with my clients because everyone has individual needs and goals. Explore my website to find out more about what I do and how I could help you.

How I can help you

“The distance between 

your dreams and reality is




07970 472 393 


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