Mindful New Year

Saturday 2nd Jan 2021

4pm - 5.30pm

Live on Zoom 

2020 hasn't gone how we'd imagined and we might be feeling apprehensive about the year ahead. 

This event is designed to help you mindfully move on from 2020 and look forward in 2021. 


Join myself and Natalie Rossiter (counsellor/mindfulness teacher) to take a pause between one year and the next. To give yourself a chance to reflect and reset. 

We'll guide you in journaling practices, self reflection and visualisation to help you let go of the year we've just had, take lessons from it and positively move forward. 

No resolutions. No 12 month plan. No ‘new year, new me’. Just showing up as we are for compassion, connection and conversation. Come join us on Sat 2nd Jan to calm your mind and reframe how you’ll move through 2021.