My Coaching

I created Matter of Mind to help people prioritise their wellbeing, reach their full potential and really connect to who they are and what they want to be.

As humans we sometimes cruise through life without stopping to reflect on what we’re doing, thinking or feeling. We get busy and stressed and often don't have the tools to cope. Several years ago that's exactly where I was. I invested in my own personal development and asked myself challenging questions to work out what made me feel better and what I needed. 

Discovering mindfulness, life coaching and NLP were the catalysts for change. Each gave me the power and tools to make positive changes and feel better in challenging times.

After realising I could help others feel the same I trained to become a NLP practitioner and Personal Coach. Now I help others overcome their challenges so they can achieve their goals through my coaching.   

Around my coaching I work with Girls Out Loud as a workshop facilitator and speaker. This involves going into schools to host events to empower, inspire and support teenage girls. I also work in the media industry a freelance content producer.

I believe we can all learn how to change the way we think so we can live better lives. It just takes time, practice and commitment. Sometimes you need a guide who supports you. It is a privilege to be that for my clients.  


What is Coaching? 

Coaching is seen as closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is a methodology that helps and empowers individuals to reach their goals; it is a structured conversation between the Coach and the Client. They will listen to you, ask questions, find out what your challenges are and help you achieve your goals. Coaching can improve your awareness and identity, develop your talents and unlock your potential so you can improve your quality of life. Working with a coach moves you closer to what you want much sooner than if you were making that journey on your own. Personal Performance Coaching is focused on getting results, exploring your future possibilities and present realities, all through challenging questions, activities and self-work.


Coaching is not Counselling

People often confuse the disciplines of coaching and counselling, putting them in the same category. Both Coaching and Counselling are emotionally based; with counselling delving into the past with clients and asking a lot of ‘why’ questions. Coaching focuses more on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions that are positive to move clients into the future and make them feel empowered. Coaching stands out because of positive intention setting. It is focused on moving forward and not analysing the past too much. The client becomes the choice maker and this is the main difference coaching has to counselling. Before coaching anyone I offer a free consultation over the phone to discuss whether Coaching is the right intervention for you.

What is NLP?

NLP is just a way of thinking, a way of being. It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and looks at how language can affect the way we act, feel and think. It improves self-awareness, develops effective communication and allows you to change patterns of mental and emotional behaviour. By using the tools of NLP you can start to achieve more in your life and choose how to behave in certain situations.


My Approach

In my coaching I use a combination of techniques from my training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Personal Performance Coaching as well as tools from my own practices in mindfulness and meditation. My coaching will improve your self awareness, identity and existing talents. I use a combination of questioning, spatial anchoring, visualisation and state change in my sessions. I will support, motivate, facilitate and challenge you without judgement or advice. All of this can be discussed further if you are interested to work with me. 


I Can Help You With...

Designing a lifestyle that is good for you 

Understanding yourself and the way you behave 

Finding a healthy blend between the different areas of your life

Setting and achieving your goals

Improving how you communicate with yourself and others


Clarifying what you really want and how to get it

Learning how to assess positive states of mind when you need to 

Improving your confidence and self belief 

Identifying triggers and behaviours that are self sabotaging 

Learning how to be more mindful in all aspects of your life 

 Managing your stress and learn where it comes from 

How to be more productive while enjoying your job 

Creating rituals and routines that improve your wellbeing 

Accepting and celebrate who you truly are 

Improving the relationship you have with yourself and those around you

Making changes that are long lasting and help you to really live how you want to

(This is not an exhaustive list so please get in touch to discuss what you need support with)

Accreditations and Qualifications

I was trained by The Coaching Academy and am a certified and qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

I am a professional member of the ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming). 

This qualification is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I am fully insured.

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