Hello, I'm Emily.

My Story...

I created Matter of Mind to help others feel good, prioritise their wellbeing and teach them how to shift their mindset so they approach life more positively. When I realised I had an ability to help other people feel better about themselves I knew I couldn't ignore it. I now help people connect to who they are and grow into who they want to be.


I coach those who want to overcome low self esteem, have more confidence, stop overthinking and create a life that makes them feel good. I teach my clients how to change their mindset and see things differently so they can handle difficult situations with more control and awareness. 

In 2016 I realised what I had in my life wasn't what I wanted anymore. From the outside in it looked like I was winning at life; great job, good relationship, a path to success. When actually on the inside I felt anxious, exhausted, unhappy and trapped. 

When someone asked me, 'why carry on then?', I hadn't even considered I had the power to change things. When stress takes over your mind it fails to offer you any solutions. For a while this question kept popping up. After a lot consideration, self reflection and support, I made big decisions to change direction in my personal and professional life. These changes set me off on a journey of self discovery to figure out what I wanted to be, do and have in my life. 

Over a two year period I learnt so much about mental health and the mind. I did a lot of self analysis, surrounded myself with inspiring people, had fun and focused on finding what felt good. I then discovered NLP, mindfulness and coaching. This took my interest in mental health to the next level and I trained to become an NLP practitioner and lifestyle coach. 

Understanding how the mind works has had a huge impact on my mental health. Having a strong self awareness allows me to separate myself from my thoughts and react to them more rationally. As humans we need to work hard to remember we are not our thoughts, they do not control us. We have the power to change our mind and if we work hard enough we have the power to change our lives. 

 I still get overwhelmed by work, ideas, people, life. When that happens I bring myself back to the present moment, take a breath and remind myself that I'm only human. What I now have is an awareness to understand my mind and accept that a situation becomes negative when I see it that way. The work and investment in yourself and your mental health never ends. I continue to learn, evolve and grow so I can navigate my way through life with more ease and control and help others to do the same. 

It is now my mission to transform the way people think so they can choose to be happy, healthy and live with more ease. I want people to feel less anxious, unhappy and unhealthy. I want people to feel good about who they are, love who they are and be confidence about being their true self. I want people to really love the way their life makes them feel. 

Don't let your own mind hold you back from living the life you want. 

You have the power to make changes, like I did. 

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