“When I first met Emily I had returned from travelling, had no job, was living at home and wasn’t confronting my anxiety or pursuing what I wanted. With Emily’s guidance I began to stop seeing the challenges in front of me as one big nightmare and started to take on smaller challenges to push myself closer to where I wanted to be. Emily helped me to stop being so hard on myself and reminded me that everyone is on a journey of self improvement. This massively reduced my anxiety and gave me more motivation. 

Emily’s coaching helped me refocus where I am and I now feel in control of my life. I now have a full time job, a stable income, a better relationship with myself and my family, live a healthier lifestyle and feel much happier.” 



“Emily has a friendly and approachable manner, which helped me feel at ease to open up about my personal barriers so I could reach my goals. With Emily’s help I have been able to change my approach to daily tasks and have stop standing in my own way. I feel a lot more positive about juggling all the important things. It’s been a pleasure to work with Emily and I would recommend her coaching to other people!” 



“I felt so at ease during my coaching sessions with Emily. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and always have many thoughts whirling around my head. Emily enabled me to organise these thoughts so I could figure out what area of my life I wanted to focus on improving first. Emily is committed and puts so much more into coaching than just the one hour sessions we had. Since beginning my coaching with Emily there has been a huge shift in my thinking and how I feel about myself. I have been promoted at work, started a relationship, have more confidence and feel at ease with who I am. Big big thank you to Emily for walking along side me and cheering me on along the way.”